Potrait photography in Lyon with Lorena

Almost 2 years ago I moved to Lyon and I finally found my stability here. I have a really nice place to live, a good job found more than 1 year ago, a couple of people who I can call friends and some good relationships for self-development and continuous integration in the French society. And for a good moral support.

Feels like a perfect period of time to grow and develop my passions outside my job. Today I’m going to write a couple of words about photography and to show you one of my latest photo shootings in Lyon.

I consider myself a photographer from the moment I’ve started creating portraits. In fact, photography offered me the possibility and the opportunity to meet new people. At the end of the day, it represents one of my purposes in life.

Communicating with all kind of types of human beings, different cultures, different countries, sharing experiences together, connecting and marking those moments of live interaction in photos that could last forever, means so much to me.

In my daily search for new faces, I’ve met Lorena, a mexican girl who moved to France a couple of years ago, very passionate about cooking and always trying to make people happy with the food she creates. And she’s really good at it. You can find her in Lyon at Café Somos, her own business.

What is special about Lorena is her magnificent natural visage. She was one of those kids who were bullied in school because she looked different. But now she is considered unique and beautiful.

I was so happy when she accepted my invitation to shoot together. I’ll let you enjoy a couple of the images we took together. You’ll see our Instagram accounts at the end of the article 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Here are our Instagram accounts: Silviu & Lorena. See ya!