Improve your life by improving your way of thinking

I do not know why negative things come out quicker than positive ones. Immediately you find a mistake in a word, but you do not see the other correct words. See the imperfections of a man firstly, but then see what he has good. The defects stand out almost instantly, but the qualities are left behind.

Why is this happening?

What’s good goes unnoticed. What’s bad almost blind us. Sometimes it’s really difficult not to think of it. We fill our minds with negative things, with judgment, with critics, and what is beautiful, simple, natural, seems to have no meaning or importance. It’s clear. We think totally wrong. Or maybe it should be like this.

In fact, the biggest problem is the way we look in the mirror to ourselfs and behave as I described above. We almost hate our bodies, the way we look, as if it were the most ugliest things in this world. I have heard many times people who think that their body is disgusting. And this is because they do not fit into society standards.

Again, why?

Why would you let someone else to decide for you what is good or what is not good about yourself?

The thing is that when you start thinking by yourself and make your own decisions about how you look, you will realize that things are really super simple. You can never be happy if you do not give up the preconceived ideas of society and take action so that you feel good in your own body.

You can choose to improve your life on many areas, such eating, sports, intelligent stress management, which is actually one of the sources of illness, time orientation to the development of your passions, and so on.

Stop waisting time and start feeling good, because you are awesome!

It took me years to understand and accept that I’m OK. Furthermore, I will live in THIS body until I die. And this awareness brought me to the point where I can not even understand why people have such problems with themselves. I’m guiding my attention and time to what I love and I fill my life with activities based on my passions.

And I have also discovered the idea of detachment, state of mind that helps me enjoy my life more everyday. Also, I am more oriented to experiences than to things. Collecting memories seems to bring much happiness than collecting things.

Because nothing lasts forever and only This Moment exists, it’s important to enjoy what you have and what you are right now. And now. And now. Of course, with perspectives for the future, because you build your future with the choices you make today.