First step: adapting to a new country

I am writing this while looking at Lyon from Parc des Hauteurs, with Chopin in my ears. It’s a really quiet place, behind the Notre-Dame de Fourvière cathedral. I still have time to explore, until my first day of work here, so I am trying to discover new places every day.

Looking from outside, moving to another country appears really awesome. A lot of my friends congratulated me for doing this step: moving from Bucharest to Lyon. And it’s awesome. But there is a really big thing that, after a week here, it started to bother me: adapting to a new country, in all the directions. Everything is different here than in Romania. Starting with people behaviour, people beliefs, cultural differences, and the most important thing, the language. I’m not saying that French language is difficult to learn, but for the moment, not being used to how people here speak French, it’s not easy at all.

Also, the loneliness feeling comes really quickly. It takes a couple of days to realise that nobody knows who you are and what you do. And here you must be really mentally strong. In Romania I had a lot of activities. I was involved in photography, I created content for online, I had collaborations with many PR agencies and almost every day, after work, I had something to do. Events, parties, shootings, going out with beautiful and warm people. But here I must take everything from point zero. No friends. No warm hugs. No familiar faces.

On the other side, everything is new. I can see all these new places in Lyon, take photos of the city, publish them on my social media accounts. Everything is fresh. I’m discovering the unknown. I’m exploring one of the most beautiful cities in France. And this is exciting.

The state of mind is really important when you make such a big change in your life. You must always remember why you did it in the first place. Why did you leave. You keep yourself together, doing your best, or you give up and go back home. The choice is in your hand.

À la prochaine.

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