Moved to France. First article from Lyon. Out of my comfort zone.

A couple of months ago, I decided to make a really big change in my life. I always loved to be in my confort zone, where I knew everything, all the things were under my control, I was successful in all my activities. Everything was great. But something was missing. I got into a mood that I was pleased, too pleased, if I can say like that. And because of this, I got bored. But not the usual kind of boring, when you have a day with no activities and you get bored because you don’t have energy for anything. But the dangerous boring state, from which you must get out ASAP. It’s that mood when you consider that none of your daily activities have a meaning or value. Even I was following my passions, even if I was doing something that I love, I got lost on the way. And here I had two choices: I change my job and see what happens new or I move somewhere else. So I chose the second one. Out of my comfort zone. I just moved to Lyon, in France. Et voila!

I am trying not to make a big deal out of it. At least not in my head. I just want to keep a balanced mind and observe how I feel about all this. I take long walks in Lyon and look at people doing their thing, take photos, sitting on benches and see what is happening around me. I do stuff to get used to everything here. It’s an interesting period of time and I don’t put pressure on anything. “Let it be” mood.

But now I am struggling to understand what the French people are saying, because it’s so much different than the French I learned in school. I mean, they don’t speak French. They are just mumbling words containing their famous “r” and they are cutting the vowels and they don’t use “ne” in “Je ne sais pas” and it’s so confusing. Que’ce que vous parlez, people???

Anyway, Lyon is such a beautiful city. I mean, Lyon is so “instagramable”. You can take photos of anything and put them on Instagram and you will get a lot of likes for sure. The two rivers who pass through the city, Rhone and Saone, give Lyon a fairytale vibe. It’s a must to visit Notre-Dame de Fourviere, which is a cathedral up on a hill, and from that point you can have an amazing panoramic view over Lyon.

Now I will let the photos to speak. Check my new Instagram account, dedicated to my experience in France, which is called @francois_en_france. If you like what you see, just click Follow.

À la prochaine.

PS: I’ve always said that I will never leave Romania. But you know, never say never.

First article. Out of my comfort zone. Welcome to Lyon.